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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Columbia Car Care and Fleet Specialties:

Great experience

Jeremiah S.

I couldn't ask for a better friendly place to take my auto needs than Steve and Company! I know when my car goes in for scheduled maintenance or issues I will be treated right and fairly. Depending on the problem and how busy they are, Steve and Company usually have my issues resolved the same day, especially if I have an appointment. If there are issues, they will call me, explain the problem, what it will take to fix it, how long it will take to fix it and an estimate.

Morgaine C.

Employees are Awesome and so friendly. Service is amazing

Jeannie E.

I cannot say enough good things about Columbia Car Care. They have been wonderful to me. The service is excellent, reasonably priced; and if there is an issue, they take care of it. I highly recommend Columbia Car Care to anyone in the Columbia area.

Carole R.

Great folks who keeps my car running well

Damien T.

These guys are amazing! They take time to explain what's going on, and they are all friendly!

Jax K.

Always fast and friendly up front pricing

John L.

They've been good with my family's cars for years.

Joshua N.

We were on a family vacation just passing through Columbia when our motorhome broke down and we found ourselves stranded. Camping World recommended Columbia Car Care to us and after the exceptional service, quality repair, and amazing price I'm recommending them to you. My impressions after my dealing with them is they are professional, caring, capable, and fair. Thanks Donny!

Travis C.

Exceptional service. They just forgot to look at my air filter like they said they would. But I don't think that's a big deal. We're only human, mistakes will happen, but their service, speediness, willingness to discuss matters and not make you feel pressured into doing any extra work is by far the better experience here. They pretty much just tell you what's wrong, what needs to be fixed soon or pretty much that moment, but they 100% let you decide for yourself without that car salesman attitude or pressure you'd get buying a car. I love it here, will continue going here all the time! I strongly recommend these guys!

Justin G.

Honest and upfront. A rare quality in that industry.

Jared G.

I had two other estimates completed at different shops within Columbia. Columbia Car Care had best estimate and was negotiable. Work was excellent and service was great!

Cody O.

Great guys, honest and fair. Been going there for years and keep recommending them!

Sara L.

Was just traveling through stopped here to make sure everything was okay and they went above and beyond for me!!! Extremely kind and so helpful. Wish they were my regular mechanics!

Lacie C.

As a woman who knows very little about cars, finding Columbia Car Care was a major relief. The staff (especially Kayla, the receptionist) are kind and do an excellent job of helping you understand what's going on with your vehicle. I have never felt talked down to or schmoozed.

Emily F.

I keep going back because I trust they'll always do a great job and are honest. They don't try to sell you things you don't need!

Kathy T.

Donnie showed me personally exactly what was wrong with my car. Another place in town had warrantied me but claimed my faulty parts under warranty were not faulty...when I told Donnie that I could not afford their service but it broke my heart that the other people ripped me off, he not only refused to charge me to look at my vehicle...but he called the company that had ripped me off and told them what they were doing was awful ... First time in my life a mechanic ever helped me and didn't even take my money ...

Amber Y.

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